Primary Role

Uncle is a utility specialist. His modified rift-tech gear allows him to phase in and out of the rift with relative ease, while his custom time-dilation technology provides him with opportunities to manipulate the outcome of otherwise lost battles. His lariat-pistol doesn't deal a lot of damage, but it gives him the ability to get in and out of tight situations in a moments notice.


Uncle had always been a rather friendly guy. No one was certain where he got his geniality and his upbeat personality from, but for as long as he could remember he had never had a problem finding common ground with people. This facet of his personality would serve him well later in life, for he was able to work with or for anyone. It was also really useful when it came to talking to women.

He earned his unique reputation among fighters as a Rift Walker. This ability made him an invaluable member of any team and he was often sought after for difficult jobs of all kinds because of this ability. It made him very unique, as he is only one of two people on the planet who has advanced Rift technology with him at all times.

When working with people or in a group, he likes to make everyone feel at ease and welcome, as well as making sure that everyone is having a good time. He's rather intelligent and good at reading people; he often makes use of this talent to his advantage. It's easy for him to tell what kind of things a person responds to and the kinds of things lose their interest.

He enjoys life and rarely does anything that does not give him pleasure. This is everything from spending time with pretty women, doing a job well done, or taking meticulous care of his hover-motorcycle.


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Name: Uncle
Faction: BioMech
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey
Ancestory: German
Build: Muscular

Stats & Abilities

Personal Shield Generator (PSG): 3000
Personal Shield Generator (PSG) Regen: 25/sec
Armor: 2000
Natural Armor: 750
Health: 5000
Health Regen: 0/sec
Energy: 1000
Energy Regen: 25/sec
Psionic: 0
Psionic Regen: 0/sec

Innate Psionic Resist: 0
Energy Resist: 0
Movement: 600
Toughness: 500
Chance to be Missed: 15%
Accuracy: 10%
Haste: 0
Cool Down Reduction: 0
Melee Skill Shot Crit: 5%
Ranged Skill Shot Crit: 5%
Shield Phase Diagnostician

Uncle is an expert at all things tech, and is able to adjust his equipment to take advantage of inferior tech.

  • All damaging attacks ALWAYS do a minimum of 200 damage to PSG of enemy targets
  • IF the targets have no PSG, this has no effect and does not translate to Armor or HP.
Melee Skill Shot

  • 2m Range
  • 1s Attack Speed
  • 1s Recovery
  • 50 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 250 Physical
Ranged Skill Shot

  • 30m Range
  • 1s Attack Speed
  • 1s Recovery
  • +/- 50 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 350 Energy
riftwalk Rift Walk

Uncle fades into the Rift for a short duration. While he is in the Rift, his abilities have additional effects.

  • Self Target
  • Self Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 20 seconds Cooldown
  • 285 Energy (activation) / 35/s Energy (while active) Cost
shieldtech Shield Tech

Uncle adjusts his PSG to extend itself to a target. Enemies suffer a quick vampire drain, while friends feel the boosty goodness.

  • Single Target, Enemy or Friendly Target
  • 20m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 12 seconds Cooldown
  • 100 Energy (activation) / SPECIAL Cost
thehelpfullariet The Helpful Lariat

Uncle sends out a tether to rescue friends, and harass enemies, lucky duckys.

  • Skill Shot Target
  • 20m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 8 seconds Cooldown
  • 125 Energy Cost
Damage Sources:
  • 650 Physical
ghosttech Ghost Tech

Uncle triggers his "modified" Rift tech backpack and enters a state between the Rift and the real universes, gaining incredible speed for a short time.

  • Self Target
  • GLOBAL Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • SPECIAL: At game start 360 second cool down prior to first available use 120 seconds after first cooldown Cooldown
  • 350 energy Cost


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