Earth 7235, Common Era.

The face of the planet has been scarred by thousands of years of warfare. Once lush terrain has long ago been transformed into biologically dangerous wasteland. Cities have been destroyed, rebuilt, and destroyed again. Humans have evolved, mutated and adapted in ways accelerated by technology and forced genetic shifting. Creatures that might have once been human fight over the twisted landscapes of smoldering ruins that once were the pinnacle of human achievement. Governments have formed and collapsed as territories are battled over for scarce resources. Immense cities have been thrust into the sky by both the BioMechs and the Psionics, powered by technology and strength of mind. These cities are populated by those wishing to live a normal life beyond the reach of warfare, and are considered the last bastion for life to continue on Earth.

Mutates - humans and animals changed by chemical alterations to their DNA - roam the surface, building makeshift strongholds from the twisted wreckage of once great metropolises. The Mutate culture is a diverse mix of the strength of humanity and animalistic urges. Although their bodies may be twisted and often unpleasant to behold, the Mutates pride themselves on the strength of their will to survive in the untamed, hostile wilds of the harsh and unforgiving surface of the near-dead planet.

The Psionic, those who have been part of the five thousand-year genetic experiment to control matter using only their minds, live among the clouds in massive cities which are powered solely by the will of their minds. These learned people seek to restore their idea of balance to the world through the power of their minds, be it through peaceful education or the violence of warfare. The Psionic believe they are a superior race, separate from the human race; the natural progression of the species known as homo sapiens. Though they have a desire to increase knowledge through learning, they are never shy about enforcing their will on others.

The BioMech culture finds its roots in the once thriving industrial mega-city known as Detroit. The BioMechs embrace any part of life which can be fought over: war, sports, industry, technology and hard living. Anyone who has replaced any part of their human body is embraced by the BioMech culture. Any person, or creature, who integrates technology to improve their lives may find a home in the BioMech cities. The BioMechs love the struggle of life and the glory of death following a life well lived. These people are rough, bawdy, and are found most often on the battlefields crying out for honor and a glorious death. The BioMechs were the first to float a mega-city in the air using zero-point energy technology. This city is New Detroit, a testament to industrial and technological might.

Those humans who seek a life of spirituality and brotherhood are always welcome among The Pure. The Pure are the culmination of all faiths from the many thousands of years of Earth's history. The last great nuclear holocaust of 2387, Common Era, was thought to be the fault of the world's religions. For four hundred years thereafter, all religion was fiercely banned across the globe. Sometime in the 2800's, a group of humans untouched by mutation, and who detested what mankind was becoming, began to cultivate what would come to be known as The Pure. The Pure folded the most embraced beliefs of every known religion from the past into one common canon. This belief system was readily embraced by the beleaguered population of the war torn planet, and first espoused a system of love and tolerance. Over the next 4,000 years, the once benign belief system shifted into one of war and intolerance as The Pure began their crusade to cleanse the world of anyone who was not 100% pure human being. To this day, The Pure recruit people by the thousands into their fold to help erase the stains of technology and mutation from the Earth.

This is the world of Earth in the game of Tuebor.