Primary Role

TARROR is a ranged assault fighter. His rockets barrages, and missile strikes, are effective at taking our long range targets, while his flame thrower and upgraded shield technology allow him to take on, and defend himself, against opponents who want to get up-close-and-personal.


The T.A.R.R.O.R. units (Truly Automated Remote Rocket Ordinance Robots) were developed during the year 7112 CE; cybernetic robot skeletons we implanted with brains harvested from recently deceased combat soldiers. The result was a very intuitive and extremely versatile shock trooper. The T.A.R.R.O.R. development was discontinued in 7156 after a long and somewhat disastrous series of events where the human minds suffered psychotic breaks. T.A.R.R.O.R.1701 was one such unit who became self aware. He chose to continue a role in the military and has a very highly developed sense of strategy. TARROR adopted this name as his own and refuses to tell anyone what his former name was as a real human.


"1701 is online." Gideon heard the voice enter his mind as through an electronic signal. "All systems syncing. Stand him up."

He felt his feet touch the cold floor as a harness released him.

"W-where..." he began. His voice sounded strange. Electric. Humming with a cybernetic rhythm; he didn't seem to be hearing with his natural ears. Everything seemed synthetic. Processed.

"Stand still," the voice said. "Okay, optics coming online."

The room lit up for Gideon like a bad science fiction film. Grainy. Everything appeared in electric blue and white hues. It was a long, empty room. Unadorned. A heads up display appeared before him, with various metrics, systems and grids displayed. Instinctively, he seemed to know what each of them was for, in minute detail.

"There's some k-kind of helmet-" he stammered. The memories kicked in. In a flash, he had instant recall of it all. The battle. His damaged body. The procedure. That Doctor. Those voices. Oh, the voices... Then drowning, drowning forever.

Gideon looked down at his hands and all of his fears were confirmed. The metallic hands of a super-soldier robot were on his limbs. He was metal. A cyborg from head to toe. He was no longer a man. He was a government creation. A Truly Automated Remote Rocket Ordinance Robot.

"You are T.A.R.R.O.R. 1701. Confirm."

Compelled by something deep within the new cybernetic pathways of his being, the man that had been known as Gideon Mahler automatically responded. "I am TARROR 1701." The sound of that statement haunted him. The finality of it.

"Begin combat scenario delta-7," the green-robed doctor at his side belted out to the intercom overhead as he stepped towards the back of the room to observe what would transpire.

The environment around Gideon began to change. Jungle features emerged. The sounds of screams and gunfire filled the enormous room as the walls faded away and the environment rendered in. Through his techno-cybernetic components, Gideon "felt" and "saw" the new environment. His heads up display began registering bio-threats. Three men to his left, with pulse rifles. A dozen more in a bunker 50 yards away. Escalating temperatures. Aircraft flying overhead.

Through the distant simulated bunker walls, his thermal scans detected the bodies of small children kneeling before armed men within the bunker. This revelation triggered something within. Deep within his core mechanism, an imperative quickly surged through his cybernetic body. It said: Execute order bravo-enigma. Code: retaliate. Child execution in progress.

Without thought, his mechanical body lurched into action. Without any mental impetus from Gideon, the T.A.R.R.O.R. had been mobilized. Gideon felt his weapons systems come instantly online as it was determined by his internal combat surveillance systems that the three men close by him could be dealt with in one swift blow. A small heat-seeking missile erupted from the shoulder-mounted servos on his left side. It whistled into the dense jungle foliage and the three men were eviscerated instantly in fire and smoke. They had no time to scream.

Gideon felt an electric pulse of what could only be described as satisfaction course through him. In the wake of it, he found his human mind was beginning to struggle for control against his own machinated body. The man within was fading, losing himself to the cybernetic directive of war. He raced up the embankment before him, his powerful metallic legs kicking up earth and propelling his body forward in huge leaps and bounds. A rifle emerged in his hands. He instantly knew the make, model, range, ballistics and calibration. Gideon knew death and war. He was a killing machine.

As he ran, his metallic hands positioned the weapon to strike. He fired. A star-pulse ballistic shot out of the muzzle. With his keen cybernetic vision he tracked it, at nanosecond-pace, as it pierced the bunker wall and shattered the skull of one of the armed men within. The men scrambled to defensive positions.

TARROR leapt, soaring two stories into the air and landing on the bunker roof. Pointing the rifle downward, and utilizing his thermal tracking, he quickly fired blast after blast into the armed men below, eliminating them in rapid fashion. Until only one remained.

Weakened by the rifle blasts, the bunker ceiling caved below him. His cybernetic body adjusted, turning a somersault in mid-air and landing deftly on his feet only a short distance from the armed man. The man had taken one of the nearby children to himself as a human shield.

"Stop!" the man yelled, "Or I kill the child!"

Gideon lowered his rifle. Then his metal body was shelled with powerful blasts from the man's rifle. The TARROR unit went down hard, rattling to the stone bunker floor, smoke drifting off of its damaged frame. Gideon felt no pain from the inflictions. He could tell that the damage was superficial. His war AI was simply recalculating its next move, seeking a targetable objective, determining how to use the chaos. The answer came soon.

The man cast the child away and sauntered over to finish the TARROR off. He leaned over the top of Gideon. "Hrm, " he snickered. "Rubbish cybor-"

But his words were cut off as a shoulder-mounted missile whistled out of its socket, locked onto the man, and even though it had no time to arm itself at such close distance, the sheer force of its thrust took the man's head completely off. Gideon heard the children whimper.

The TARROR rose. Threats neutralized, his internal logic said. Children secured.

Amid the smoke and carnage, Gideon knelt down by one of the children nearby and gently wiped a tear from the girl's frightened face.

"All quiet now," he said, feeling somewhat like a man again. "You're safe."

The child's face began to register a calm smile, but the simulation jittered. The child began to fade away with the environment. The battle was over. It was only a hologram, he remembered. Just a ghost in the shell. Just a facsimile of human life.

A ghost, he told himself. Just like me. The man within him would have wept, the cyborg felt no emotion; such human faculties were long removed from his cybernetic body.

"Simulation terminated," Gideon heard the distant voice of the doctor say. "Forty-three seconds, mark. Ninety-seven point three percent battle acumen. Shut him down for recalibration."

Gideon stood at attention as the doctor walked up, tapping metrics into a hand-held device. "We have another one that works," he whispered.

"M-My name was Gideon Mahler...," Gideon said, beginning to remember more clearly now that the combat directive had faded away.

"Not anymore," the doctor said flatly, reaching for something behind the TARROR unit's head.

The lights went dark, and the man in the machine slept.

Faction: BioMech
Age: 153
Gender: Male
Height: 8"
Weight: 850lbs
Eye Color: Robot
Hair Color: Robot
Ancestory: Human
Build: Robot

You pummel your enemies with a series of punches and kicks.


You harry enemies from range with quick firing rocket-darts.

rocketman Rocket Man

Firing off several salvos of incendiary rockets from your shoulder mounted missile battery, you lay waste to your enemies.

reactivearmor Reactive Armor

Triggering an enhanced energy shield you are protected from all damage for a short time.

flameon Flame On!

Firing up your arm mounted flame thrower, you set any enemies foolish enough to be close to you aflame.

rocketbarrage Rocket Barrage

Spinning in a devastating death blossom of damage, you fire off rockets and spew flames, decimating all enemies close to you.


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