Primary Role

Sentriax is a tough melee fighter. He excels at punching his way through problems, and has enhanced biomechanical technology to assign in fueling his rage. He is good at initiating fights with large groups as well as slamming his fists into opponents to clear a path to victory.


Originally a Pure, he became very embittered after his breakup with Lolo and shunned the Pure Path. He embraced the biomech life to its fullest. Sentriax fights to release the rage in him he feels from the loss of his lover. Sentriax augmented both his arms with biomech replacements which allow him to grip and crush his opponents with his bare hands. Sentriax is a melee fighter preferring to get his rage out with his bare sculpted biomech hands. Sentriax stands 6’1” tall and has long dark curly hair. His body is covered in the tell-tale biomech tattooing of circuitry and lines all aglow. He has no weapons other than his hands. His legs are biomech as well.​


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Name: Sentriax
Faction: BioMech
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 178lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown + Gray
Ancestory: -
Build: -

A series of quick punches and kicks rock your enemies.


Firing an electrical charge through your fists you damage enemies from range.

powerdash Power Dash

Boosting the power to your biomech legs you sprint forward at amazing speed, damaging the first enemy hit.

frustration Frustration

Overcharging your arms and legs let you deal increased melee damage to your enemies.

seismicactivity Seismic Activity

Slamming your fist into the ground a wave of energy arcs out, damaging enemies and knocking them down.

dontleaveme Don't Leave Me

Triggering your zero-point tech, nearby enemies are pulled toward you then explode outwards in a devastating wave of energy.


Skins & Art