Primary Role

Rowena is a real hybrid fighter. Her psionic abilities allow her to toss her enemies around the battlefield while keeping her safe from harm. While she is able to initiate fights at range, she prefers to get in close to disrupt crowds or fling individual enemies aside with ease.


Rowena grew up in a life of luxury and privilege in the majestic floating city of New Berlin. She grew up amongst the social uber-rich. She was treated to everything she desired and trained in the arts of psionics. It is to the credit of her teachers that she was unaware of the massive war and terror being lived on the surface of the planet. On her 21st birthday she snuck out of her palatial home with a suitor and ventured to the surface to witness the horrors of mutation, warfare, poverty, and disease. Saying nothing to her family she trained in secrecy for 9 years and on her 30th birthday she left home to become a champion for the people trapped in a violent cyclical warfare life down on the surface. As a show of her change in life she shaved her long hair completely off, which in her prior social circle of elite is an unforgivable sin for women. She has hauntingly blue eyes. Rowena is True Psionic.​​


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Name: Rowena
Faction: Psionic
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Jet Black
Ancestory: Japanese
Build: Slender/Athletic

Stats & Abilities

Personal Shield Generator (PSG): 1000
Personal Shield Generator (PSG) Regen: 35/sec
Armor: 1000
Natural Armor: 1000
Health: 7500
Health Regen: 0/sec
Energy: 0
Energy Regen: 0/sec
Psionic: 1000
Psionic Regen: 50/sec

Innate Psionic Resist: 25%
Energy Resist: 0
Movement: 550
Toughness: 750
Chance to be Missed: 5%
Accuracy: 5%
Haste: 0
Cool Down Reduction: 0
Melee Skill Shot Crit: 5%
Ranged Skill Shot Crit: 5%
Strength of Will

Rowena's skill allows her to create a barrier around herself any time she uses one of her abilities.

  • Anytime this character casts an ability, they gain a barrier that can absorb up to 2000 damage with no pass through
    • lasts for 4 seconds
    • Any damage absorbed by the barrier 1% of damage is converted into psionic energy.
    • Represented by a semi-transparent, white particle sphere around her
  • AND also represented by higher than average toughness: 750
  • AND 650 Innate Psionic Resist
  • AND 350 Shield Psionic Resist
  • AND A natural 1000 armor (she uses psionic energies to surround her that cannot be chipped away at)
Melee Skill Shot

  • 2m Range
  • 1.5s Attack Speed
  • 0.5 Recovery
  • 100 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 285 Physical
Ranged Skill Shot

Rowena releases a blast of psionic energy directly in front of her, causing the air to become ultra dense and highly charged with electricity.

  • 30m Range
  • Instant Attack Speed
  • 0.5 Recovery
  • 50 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 300 Psionic
collapsingvacuum Collapsing Vacuum

Rowena creates a vacuum between herself and everyone in front of her, collapsing air, and drawing them towards her.

  • Skill Shot Target
  • 15m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 12 seconds Cooldown
  • 185 Psionic Cost
Damage Sources:
  • 500 Psionic
grippingforce Gripping Force

Rowena manipulates the static gravitation energies around her target to grip her target by the throat, lifting them off the ground and immobilizing them.

  • Single Target Enemy Target
  • 15m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 8 seconds Cooldown
  • 250 Psionic Cost
Damage Sources:
  • 250/second Psionic
indefatigablebarrier Indefatigable Barrier

Rowena creates a very dense shell around herself, utilizing atmospheric particles, that increases her natural armor and psionic resist.

  • Self Target
  • Self Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 16 seconds Cooldown
  • 185 Psionic Cost
effortlessexertion Effortless Exertion

Rowena collapses the environment around her, creating a barrier of negative space, forcing her enemies away and harming them greatly.

  • AOE Enemies only Target
  • 16m diameter Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 30 seconds Cooldown
  • 350 Psionic Cost
Damage Sources:
  • 650 Psionic


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