Primary Role

Rift Walker is a utility-control specialist. Although she doesnot deal a lot of damage, her rift-phasing technology allows her to move in-and-out of the rift with ease while stealing valuable resources from her opponents.


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Coming soon

Name: Rift Walker
Faction: BioMech
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 135lbs
Eye Color: UNKNOWN
Hair Color: UNKNOWN
Ancestory: Alien
Build: Slender

You harry nearby enemies with a quick series of punches and kicks.


Firing a concentrated ball of energy from the zero-point tech on your palms, you assail enemies from afar.

incapacitate Incapacitate

You flip backwards to escape your foes, tossing out a charge in the process that stuns enemies in your front arc.

relocation Relocation

Using your rift technology, after a short duration you swap places with target enemy.

rifttear Syphon

Creating a group of high energy spheres in a circle, you deal AOE dmg from each sphere for their duration.

syphon Rift Tear

Activating your rift technology, you enter the rift, while rift-walking only enemies in close proximity to you can make out your outline.


Skins & Art