Primary Role

MicroMachine is a versatile utility specialist. His nanite body, powered by unique zero-point energy cell, allows him to transform into whatever weapon is needed to remove any obstacles in his path. His return-to-power after hundreds of years of absense may destroy the world.


Micro was once a renowned biomech physicist and engineer. His age is unknown as he has persisted through several hundred years of warfare. Micro was the pioneer in nanite/biomech technology and it is rumored he was once a very happy and stable man. His wife was a Pure in views and beliefs and refused any life extending biomech upgrades. After her death Micro slowly went mad, working endless hours in his lab. His disappearance surprised nobody, his return nearly destroyed the world. After he returned he was fully transformed into a machine, save for his brain. Given his lack of humanity Micro attempted to destroy the world. His entire body is comprised of trillions upon trillions of nanites which he controls to transform himself into all forms of weaponry, shapes, and forms.


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Name: Micro
Faction: BioMech
Age: 2000
Gender: Male
Height: 7"
Weight: 50lbs
Eye Color: none
Hair Color: none
Ancestory: German
Build: Robo Muscular

Transforming your nanite arms into energy charged particle whips, you flay nearby enemies.


Focusing the power from your nanites, you’re able to fire quick bursts of energy at your enemies from range.

theflow The Flow

Psionically controlling your nanites to space-out, you’re able to pass through enemies while damaging them.

youareinfected You are Infected

Sending a wave of nanites out in the shape of your silhouette, you damage the first enemy hit.

microwhip Mico Whip

Transforming your nanite arms into energy charged particle whips, you deal massive damage to any enemies in your forward arc.

iamyou I Am You

You instantly scan and transform into targeted enemy for a short time, gaining all of their abilities.


Skins & Art