Primary Role

Klynt is a long ranged combat marksman. His expertise with guns and ammo allow him to efficiently take down even the toughest opponents. His innate psionic abilities compliment his keen senses, marking his targets and reducing their effectiveness.


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Name: Klynt
Faction: Psionic
Age: 40's
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 205lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Ancestory: -
Build: Athletic

Stats & Abilities

Personal Shield Generator (PSG): 3000
Personal Shield Generator (PSG) Regen: 15/sec
Armor: 1000
Natural Armor: 1000
Health: 5000
Health Regen: 0/sec
Energy: 0
Energy Regen: 0/sec
Psionic: 1000
Psionic Regen: 15/sec

Innate Psionic Resist: 10%
Energy Resist: 0
Movement: 500
Toughness: 550
Chance to be Missed: 15%
Accuracy: 10%
Haste: 0
Cool Down Reduction: 0
Melee Skill Shot Crit: 5%
Ranged Skill Shot Crit: 12%
Psi Fi Cowboy

Klynt has honed his skills to a point that he is very hard to capture, control, or manhandle.

  • ‚ÄčImmune to time dilation effects
  • All crowd controls only work at their minimum effectiveness
Example: For a knock back that has a 1 meter minimum and 3 meter maximum, Klynt would always be effected at the 1 meter.
Melee Skill Shot

An old fashioned pistol whipping.

  • 4m Range
  • 2s Attack Speed
  • 0.5 Recovery
  • +/- 85 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 250 Physical
Ranged Skill Shot

A clean pistol shot, at the enemies.

  • 40m Range
  • 1 second Attack Speed
  • 0.5 Recovery
  • +/- 75 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 550 Physical
deadeye Deadeye

Klynt clears his mind and focuses in on his target, increasing his deadly accumen.

  • Self Buff Target
  • Self Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 2 seconds Cooldown
  • 10/second toggle Cost
fromthehip From the Hip

Klynt changes his ammo to timed psionic energy high explosive rounds, less distance but a burst of exploding damage.

  • Self buff Target
  • self Range
  • anim Cast Time
  • 20 seconds Cooldown
  • 250 Psionic Cost
Damage Sources:
  • 500 DOT Psionic
  • 2*Ranged SS Physical
highnoon High Noon

Klint surveys all of the potential threates in front of him before firing a single psionic "infused" shot to each target.

  • 60m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 2 seconds Cooldown
  • 150 Energy Cost
hangemhigh Hang 'em High

Klint psionically hangs his target in the air and unloads a revolver into the target.

  • Targetted Enemy Target
  • 30m Range
  • anim Cast Time
  • 60 seconds Cooldown
  • 350 Psionic Cost
Damage Sources:
  • - Physical


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