Primary Role

Klynt is a long ranged combat marksman. His expertise with guns and ammo allow him to efficiently take down even the toughest opponents. His innate psionic abilities compliment his keen senses, marking his targets and reducing their effectiveness.


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Coming soon

Name: Klynt
Faction: Psionic
Age: 40's
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 205lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Ancestory: -
Build: Athletic

You assail your enemies with a quick series of punches and kicks.


Firing your revolver, you riddle enemies at range with rounds.

deadeye Deadeye

Focusing your psionic energy you mark an enemy, increasing accuracy and critical hit chance against them.

fromthehip From the Hip

Channeling your psionic powers into your revolver, the next six shots fire with boosted damage.

highnoon High Noon

You imbue the next round you fire with psionic energy, dealing increased damage to targeted enemy.

hangemhigh Hang 'em High

Unleashing the full force of your psionic ability, you hold target enemy in place while firing a super charged round at them.


Skins & Art