Primary Role

Kizgin is a highly mobile tanky fighter. His kinetic energy exoskeleton stores energy for him to use while tearing through the battleground. His combination of strength and mobility create a nearly unstoppable force.


Kizgin has a custom biomech kinetic drive exoskeleton which has been grafted to his bone structure. The kinetic prototype motor enables Kizgin to never run out of energy so long as he keeps moving. The use of this technology has great combat potential. Kizgin is able to lift/crush/move massive amounts of weight after doing a few minutes of movement. He is truly an unstoppable force. Kizgin only gains energy via movement or actions.


“You run right through them,” his uncle Baxter said, securing the kinetic drive pack on Kizgin’s back. “You run through them, and you don’t stop running.”

The small harvest town was being looted by mercenaries. Kizgin was just over 20 years old, but was no stranger to the hardships of life on the planet’s surface; between the backbreaking field work and the constant fight to survive against the raiders and mercenaries, he had come to know a life free from kindness or sympathy.

Today would be the last day working crops in the fields for they were now scorched and almost all of the small farm town were dead. The rustic townspeople had fought back, but with the day break, and few surviving remnants of a resistance left alive, his uncle decided Kizgin should run. Kizgin had always been fast as well as strong.

“This pack will store and recycle your energy. We don’t need it for the laborers anymore.” Uncle Baxter said. “They’re dead, and I’ve made some modifications. It isn’t exactly stable, but it’ll get you going.” Uncle Baxter had been a biomech engineer in New Detroit for many years before abandoning the great floating city for the more “simple” life of the fields.

“You’ll get good speed going up that hill and when you crest the top, use the descent, build your energy. The pack will kick in, and you’ll plow right through them. Just lean in and don’t stop. Don’t stop till this place is just a memory.”

Their eyes met; grim determination reflected between them. Kizgin knew he would never see his uncle again.

“You’re a strong man now, Kiz. You just keep running, today bravery is about surviving; there will be time enough for vengeance later.” His uncle hefted his rifle.

“I’ll do what I can from here.” Kizgin heard the electric hum of the relay pack as uncle switched it on. A small spark ran through him. He knew it was time to move.

The two men clasped hands, and a final fatherly embrace.

Kizgin burst out of the barn door on a dead sprint. Several of the killers outside took note and yelled to the others. Kizgin leaned in to the run, dropping his shoulder. “No you don’t” he said rushing through them, their bodies tossed aside like ragdolls.

As he sprinted up the hill, a mercenary came close, wielding shockstick. Kizgin powered into him, absorbing the electrical energy from the weapon into his own overcharging battery pack. He sprinted noticeably faster from the relay of it. The mercenary went down hard in the dirt and Kizgin kept on going. A determined grin spread across his face.

Another mercenary reached him as he crested the hill. The man dove straight at him, but Kizgin was moving very fast. He leapt upward, driving his knee right into the man’s chin; the impact nearly taking his head off, a sickening crunch, and the man fell lifeless in the dirt.

Kizgin ran downhill, several blasts from his uncle’s rifle echoed in the distance; Uncle Baxter was making his last stand. For a moment, Kizgin considered turning back to help. “Till this place is a memory,” he reminded himself. Kizgin redoubled his efforts and sprinted faster as the kinetic energy engine strapped to him pulled in the power.

The relay kicked in even more on the downhill, as his uncle said it would. Kizgin was running faster than any human could.

A cluster of men just flew by to his left. They seemed in awe of Kizgin as he ran with incredible speed, his gear giving off sparks in the early morning light. Kizgin changed the plan and veered towards them. The four men went down like trees in an avalanche, sprawling each way, limbs cracking and bones splintering; they were little more than meat bags for him to slam into.

Kizgin reached the bottom of the hill and curved into the road that led out of his small hometown. The ground leveled out and it stretched on before him for what looked like miles. He had never traveled more than a few dozen miles from home. Ahead he saw lights and heard the rumble of armored machinery. More mercenaries on the move, attempting to intercept the escaping man. The big truck was coming fast.

“Let’s see what you’re made of” he screamed into the wind, running straight towards it. He was closing the distance with great speed; faster and faster he ran. The relay pack hummed loudly, sparks shooting off each way. Kizgin closed his eyes and dropped his shoulder as far as he could. He would break through the truck, or he would die trying, albeit in a glorious manner.

Kizgin triggered the personal shield generator built into the control unit and plowed into the armored vehicle with the force of a freight train. Metal twisted, tires splintered off, then engine block caved in, armor flew skyward, and the men within screamed their last. Kizgin plowed right out the back end, in a ball of smoke and fire, his PSG trailing sparks. He kept running. he ran for hours. He ran until the speeds were just a blur.

More time passed than he realized, he was somewhere completely new, and foreign. He was not afraid though, fear no longer being a trait of his. He surveyed the landscape and decided upon a hilltop not far off, overlooking a brightly glowing cityscape. The neon lights from the misshapen mutate city twinkled red, yellow, and orange in the clear night. Kizgin could hear the distant life humming about the city; the sound of life was intoxicating.

Overhead ships soared past, some buzzing from reworked engineering, others silent as death from their zero-point energy drives.

Kizgin was very tall for his age, and his near endless fieldwork had made him into a mountain of a main; he had nothing to fear from such a place, the inhabitants would be nothing compared to him.

Kizgin had proven today that he was a lion; everyone else would be nothing more than mere men, and Lions did not fear mere men.

Name: Kizgin
Faction: BioMech
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 350lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Grey
Ancestory: Russian
Build: Very Muscular

Slamming your fists down and throwing punches, you devastate your enemies with heavy blows.


Venting energy through your zero-point tech exoskeleton, you blast enemies from afar.

energypulse Energy Pulse

Releasing a burst of energy from your zero-point tech exoskeleton, you deal damage in your aura.

strongandhard Strong and Hard

Diverting power to your arms from your enhanced exoskeletal system, you deal bonus melee damage for a short while.

uhohtooslow Uh On, Too Slow

Leaping forward into a somersault, you land with an explosive blast, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them down.

unstoppableforce Unstoppable Force

Powering up your unstoppable force mode, you run through anyone in your path, knocking them back and dealing massive damage.


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