Primary Role

Khurnn is a tanky melee fighter. His electro-mace and power-shield are in-tune with his battlesuit to provide massive damage and withstand incredible punishment.


As a very young child Khurnn had a pet bear. Khurnn wears state of the art high tech armour reminiscent of 14th century crusader armour. Built in very powerful PSG. He carries a 2 handed mace which is adorned with his badges of honor bestowed upon him by the Alpha Pure. He is tall, strong and rugged. His face is scarred from a battle with Richard Wolfe.‚Äč


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Name: Khurnn
Faction: Pure
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Ancestory: -
Build: -

Diverting power to your zero-point tech shield projector, you prevent damage incoming from your forward arc.


Swinging your electro-mace with surprising quickness, you deal damage to your enemies.

leapoffaith Leap of Faith

Leaping forward you slam your power mace into the ground, releasing an energy blast that damages enemies in an AOE.

animousity Animosity

Swinging your electro-mace in an upward arc, you knock the first enemy hit into the air dealing bonus damage.

inspirationalaura Inspirational Aura

Triggering a module in your power armor, you receive bonus melee damage for a short time.

bubble Bubble

Activating your armor-tech shield system to over-boost, you are surrounded by a person shield making you invulnerable for a short time.


Skins & Art