Primary Role

Kaetheran is a single target, psioinic control specialist. She is capable of sending out waves of pain while controlling her enemies' every action. Her fascination with mind and body control gives her an edge on the battlefield, while her somewhat ruthless personality delights in bending others to her will.


Kaet was born and raised by two renowned research scientists who were prominent in the field of Bio-Psionic studies. Kaet follo​​wed in their footsteps of science where she secretly developed her own Psionic powers based on her own research. Having in-depth information on the psionic/chemical workings of all humans and lower animals, Kaet began perfecting Psionics in an invasive and controlling manner. Kaet Kept her abilities hidden from everyone until a tragic accident crippled her father. Using her extremely honed psi powers she enabled him to walk and function as normal, but only so long as she controlled his body. Unable to bear the shame he felt her father committed suicide. After this event Kaet enrolled herself into the Psi branch of the military - being given a top field rank at only the age of 24. She spends her days manipulating enemy officers, combatants, and leaders; she is deadly potent at what she does. Most of her victims never know she is in their mind and body until it is too late. Kaet is 5'4" tall, 105lbs, long curly brown hair which is always a little frizzy. She looks very young for her age, having a disarming innocence about her.​


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Name: Kaetheran
Faction: Psionic
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Ancestory: -
Build: -

You pummel your enemies with a series of quick punches and kicks.


Releasing a blast of painful psionic energy, you attack enemies from range.

touchofdeath Touch of Death

Sending out a beam of crippling psionic energy, you stun and deal damage to the first enemy hit.

cripplingpain Crippling Pain

Focusing your psionic energies, you create a pain aura around yourself, damaging enemies continuously if they remain too close to you.

mypuppet Give Yourself to Me

You send out a burst of psionic pain, knocking down enemies while dealing damage.

knowyourenemies Know your Enemies

Manipulating the psionic energies inside the brain of target enemy, you cause them to turn sides and fight their former allies for a short time.


Skins & Art