Primary Role

Ione is a long ranged combat fighter. Her rifle is capable of dealing massive damage at extreme ranges while her abilities and her robot wolf companion, Procyon, keep her safe from melee attackers.


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We are all made of star stuff. That idea still to this day instilled awe in Ione. It was the reason she had gotten into science. Having been surrounded by BioMech culture growing up she found it was perfectly normal to use technology to improve the human body. However, unlike the rest of her peers, who proudly wore their technological upgrades like badges on their sleeve, she had always wondered what would BioMech technology look like if it was more internal than external.

This made her a bit of an odd ball among the community. Some thought she was ashamed of her upbringing, but Ione had no problem augmenting her body with different upgrades. Truly it was amazing to her how the body could be improved with technology. It was just that the human body itself fascinated her. She appreciated the fragility the body and life in a way that no one else in her community did. There was so much about the body and its limitations that were still available to explore and push and she wanted to pioneer that exploration. In her mind from a practical standpoint, subtler technology would give someone the surprise advantage in battle. It seemed like a logical line of inquiry in her mind and one that she would very much like to pursue. So when she had heard about Emil's research she had decided to move from New Detroit to [psionic central city].

Back then she had been a rebel. The cultures that now dominated the world had been much more isolated when she was a young girl. There was not the mixture of people or so much trade between cities. It had been uncommon for a BioMech to live among the Psionics. Her family did not understand her desire to pursue science, but they hadn't stopped her either. There were no tearful goodbyes when she had left New Detroit. Her mother had simply told her to "live well."

Living among the Psionics had not been easy at first. She had always felt a bit different and isolated from the rest of the BioMechs, but living among the Psionics was the first time she felt truly alone. She could connect to them and their culture when it came to the pursuit of knowledge, but she was much more passionate than they were. Ione found herself missing the excitement and passion of competition and battle that was found in a group of BioMechs. But she had her work and her research and the nanites to keep her mind focused and in time, she did not miss home at all – until Emil destroyed everything.

Creating the foreign nanite had been easy in the end, but the act of using it had been difficult and it changed everything. Using it meant that she recognized that her friend, her mentor Emil was gone, and all that was left was the monster Mirco Machine. It was a devastating reality for her to accept and one she wrestled with fiercely. She waited as long as she could, furiously trying to devise a way to save her friend as well as the world in her lab. In the end she could only save one. She spent days upon days without sleep working on a solution. But Micro Machine was too deadly too powerful and she felt she ran out of time. If she didn't use the foreign nanite now, there would have been nothing left to save.

After Micro Machine had fallen, she had so much anger and rage. The only thing that brought her any sort of peace was battle. And she reveled in it. Whether she found fights or fights found her Ione was never really sure, but it did not matter. Battle was the only thing that made sense. She was so angry at the world and at Emil. He had betrayed everything they had worked so hard to accomplish. For years they had poured their lives into the nanites, trying to make them perfect. Such hopes they had for the future and what the nanites could mean for the humanity, and he had thrown it all away in one stupid moment of grief. She had never understood that or forgiven for it. For it was not just his life's work – it was theirs. She had poured her life's blood into making the nanites too. He had no right to pervert their creation that way. He had no right to destroy her dreams too just because he was in pain.

Ione had tried to fix the nanites, a sort of atonement for her part in the terrible events that had followed Ida's death. For nearly five hundred years she had worked on that project, in between bouts of battle to help channel her anger. But to no avail. She couldn't make any more breakthroughs. She, one of the smartest people the world had ever known, second only to Emil during her lifetime, could not figure out how to fix or improve the nanites. She had to confront the fact that maybe they were not fixable. Maybe there was not a way to stabilize them. Maybe it was just a law of science. She had hoped that someone else would come along like Emil, someone with fresh eyes who would be able to tackle the problem once again with her, but no one had come along yet. And she was beginning to think they never would.

Then one day she just stopped going to the lab altogether. And the world had not ended. She made a damn fine warrior, just as she had made a damn fine scientist, but in the end, the world found Ione the warrior, much more useful than Ione the scientist. So she roamed the Earth as it suited her, still fighting whatever battles she could find. The rage she had felt had not dissipated during her long life but it became less and less distracting as time went on.

Now here she was 3,000 years after the defeat of Micromachine. It still surprised her how much the world had forgotten. Mico Machine was name that was joked about and used to scare little children. And while she had a fierce battle reputation, it was an overlooked fact that she had known the monster personally and that she had been the one to defeat him. It was also surprising to her how the once strongly held divisions between Biomechs, Psionics, Mutates, had eroded over time. The world now was much more blended than it had ever been. It was amusing to her how easily you could find a Psionic Socialite walking around a Mutate Camp or a BioMech warrior attending a concert at [performance center], the most famous concert hall in [Psionic city]. However, true progress had been hindered at every turn. While technology improved over the years, the quality of life the world had known hadn't. That was the greatest disappointment.

About 500 years after everyone she knew had long since left this world, she created her wolf as a companion. She had never seen a real wolf, but had read about them in books and seen the pictures and felt drawn to them. They were powerful creatures, smart, and deadly. Like her. And like her sometimes they choose to leave their packs. Most people led such short lives that it was difficult for her to connect to people as she got older. So when she had the idea to create a companion for herself to stand the test of time like herself, a wolf seemed like the most appropriate. She had programmed it to act like a wolf, more for novelty sake, but over time its behavior had influenced hers and now she was as much a hunter in this sad little world as it was a wolf.

Three millenniums was a long time to live but she had not tired of the world. Battle was still sweet. She hoped to one day return and dedicate herself to science and answer all her unanswered questions. So she continues to live and fight, but she also knows that Micro Machine had been defeated but not destroyed and she awaits his return – alone. ​

Name: Ione
Faction: Psionic
Age: 500
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Multi
Ancestory: Caucasian
Build: Slender

Ione is followed around by her faithful robot wolf Procyon who will defend her until the end.


​You aim through the high powered scope on your rifle.


Fire your sniper rifle at your enemies.

notthistime Not this Time

Psionically controlling the nanites coating your body, you form a barrier around your skin reducing incoming damage.

iseeyou I See You

Tossing out a proximity mine, you deal AOE damage enemies who wander too close.

entrapment Entrapment

You fire a high energy disruption orb, which causes the first enemy hit to have significantly reduced movement speed.

execute Executed

Taking careful aim with your rifle, you find the weak spot in your targeted enemies’ defenses, dealing a massive amount of damage to them.


Skins & Art