Primary Role

Illiria is a hit-and-run fast attack melee fighter. Her biomechanical body upgrades allow her to move quickly into battle, snaring opponents, driving her blades into them, and then escape without notice. She is a cunning assassin who uses her rift-tech to its fullest advantage.


Illiria is a hybrid biomech/mutate. Her regenerative abilities allowed to her adapt and heal wounds very quickly. She fought in many of the early Religion Wars that separated the Pures from the rest of civilized society. Her appearance is deceptively young due to her innate mutate abilities. She appears to be in her late teens to early twenties but is actually over 200 years old. Having suffered a severe wound, she was cleft in half and thought dead. Her body mended her lower half shut and she dragged herself across 100 miles of desolated lands to reach a biomech encampment. Instead of having new legs grown she opted to take on a more fierce appearance and augment her lower half with biomech technology and had a fully mechanical spider body and legs built and integrated onto her. She is able to cross through warp portals she creates in the shape of intricate spider webs using the very advanced technology housed in her spider body.


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Name: Illiria
Faction: BioMech
Age: 18/20
Gender: Female
Height: 6'
Weight: 185lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Ancestory: Norwegian
Build: Athletic

Stats & Abilities

Personal Shield Generator (PSG): 3500
Personal Shield Generator (PSG) Regen: 25/sec
Armor: 2000
Natural Armor: 750
Health: 5000
Health Regen: 25/sec
Energy: 1000
Energy Regen: 25/sec
Psionic: 0
Psionic Regen: 0/sec

Innate Psionic Resist: 0
Energy Resist: 0
Movement: 600
Toughness: 550
Chance to be Missed: 5%
Accuracy: 10%
Haste: 0
Cool Down Reduction: 0
Melee Skill Shot Crit: 15%
Ranged Skill Shot Crit: 0%
Passive Ability

Illiria has very an innate ability to regenerate health. She gains a health regen of 25 HP/sec.

Health Regeneartion of 25 HP/sec.
Melee Skill Shot 1

Illiria stabs quickly with her sword arms.

  • 3m Range
  • 0.5 Attack Speed
  • 0.5 Recovery
  • 50 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 235 Physical
Melee Skill Shot 2

‚ÄčIlliria raises up and slams her front legs into her prey.

  • 5m Range
  • 1.5 Attack Speed
  • 0.5 Recovery
  • 200 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 425 Physical
spidersenses Spider Senses

‚ÄčIlliria shoots Rift-tech traps which slow enemies and gives their position away to her.

  • Ground, Template Target
  • 40m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 3 Cooldown
  • 185 Energy Cost
bloodgouge Blood Gouge

Illiria shoots a web of electricity which temporarily holds her target in place; she then leaps at her prey and stabs them.

  • single target enemy Target
  • 20m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 12 seconds Cooldown
  • 185 Energy Cost
Damage Sources:
  • 1500 Physical
causticblades Caustic Blades

Illiria's blades are hardened against the strongest acids and are coated with a caustic ooze which can penetrate and erode armor and flesh. She may trigger an electro-shock to disrupt PSG's, attack faster, and cause additional harm to her prey.

  • self buff Target
  • 0 Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 15 seconds Cooldown
  • 200 Energy Cost
riftweb Rift Web

Illiria creates a large web in an area on the map. While she is in the web, Illiria acts as if she is in the rift. She exits the rift anytime she attacks and reenters after a short delay. Enemy movement and and attack speed are reduced while in the web.

  • AIE AOE Target
  • 3m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 40 seconds Cooldown
  • 350 energy activation, 25/second drain Cost


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