Primary Role

Honin is a highly explosive ranged caster who is capable of taking out large groups of enemies with great efficiency.


Honin is timeless. His true age is completely unknown. He is the pinacle of psionic power and has appeared in battles for at least the last thousand years. He is tall and lean and stoic. He is pale as the dead. He always wears flowing robes with much decoration, embroidery, and long paneling. His eyes are bright blue and fiercely penetrating. His age appears to be mid 50's. Nobody understands the reasons behind when he chooses to fight or why he chooses to fight for the biomechs, mutates, or psionics. He has never been defeated personally, but has been known to disappear from a battle mid fight. Honin excels at all forms of psionics but prefers telekinesis and electrokenesis.


5021, Common Era.

As he often did, Honin watched the bloodshed from a distance. Reaching out telepathically, he spoke to the mind of a young man near the fringe of the battle. “Come up here.”

The man turned his head to look at the hilltop where the ageless icon stood. “Move swiftly,” Honin beckoned. Honin watched the man approach, leaving the battle behind.

Cresting the hill, Honin said to the man, “Lay down your weapons. Stand and watch.”

“Who are you?” the man asked.

“That is not relevant,” Honin said. “What matters is which side you are on.”

Honin turned to the man and leveled a penetrating stare at him. “Tell me, which side are you on?”

“I am Jozef, born in this vale. This is my family’s land-“ Jozef began, but stopped mid-sentence. Honin reached out and probed Jozef’s mind, sifting between relative truths and half-lies.

The man stood paralyzed by the strength of Honin’s will. He breathed a low guttural sound, like an animal caught in a trap. Eternal moments later, Honin released his telepathic grip on Jozef, sighing deeply in the process.

“You are one of them…”the man stammered.

In a blinding flash of light Honin disappeared, his body turning seemingly into the acrid smoke left behind. Moments later, as his vision returned, the warrior watched as the strange robed figure appeared in the midst of the battle below.

Honin moved effortlessly between the press of bodies, levitating men three times his size into midair and smashing their bodies together, discarding them in a heap. Other combatants took their place, rushing in to fill the void. Honin raised his hands and sent them hurtling backwards, electricity arcing and dancing along the ground, between their bodies. In a flash, Honin was gone again, reappearing once more on the hilltop by the warrior.

“I have scattered your enemies,” he said.

“Yes,” Jozef exclaimed warily, noting Honin’s power and ferocity. “But will you help us defeat them all?”

“I certainly could,” Honin said, pondering for a brief moment. “If I fought on your side?”

The man paused. “I told you. This is our land…”

“I see.” Honin nodded thoughtfully and disappeared once again. A few moments passed and Jozef scanned the field for Honin.

A large tremor shook the whole battlefield. Living and dead bodies tumbled about, ragdolls to the forces below the dirt and mud. “Earthquake!” some shouted.

Honin reappeared upon the hilltop.

“The land has been cleansed,” Honin said, intertwining the fingers on his still-glowing hands. “Now you can fight for it valiantly.”

“What have you done!” Jozef roared, reaching for his rifle. Without so much as a twitch of his fingers, Honin rendered Jozef’s body inert, paralyzing his musculature with merely a thought.

Jozef could not tell if he was imagining it, or if there was the slightest trace of a grin on the older man’s face. Honin teleported the two of them into the thick of the battle.

The world around the two men froze, a telekinetic time bubble surrounding everyone for miles. Jozef, still motionless scanned the battlefield through the new azure haze. Small jolts of electricity discharging between blades of grass and the dust in the air. Everything and everyone around him were frozen in time.

“The world is changing,” Honin warned as he alone moved about the timeless space. “More powerful enemies are coming that are unlike anything you have ever seen or could possibly imagine. There are monsters born of twisted beings, created through torn flesh and welded bones.”

“None of you know of the time before, or the times after this. I will tell you now, you have no idea what misery and sorrow are. You have no concept of suffering compared to those whose footsteps you now tread upon, whose bones you disgrace by spilling blood above them. You bring about the turn of the world with your infighting and your petty bickering.”

Honin levitated high above the crowd, his cloak giving off electrostatic sparks as it rippled around him in air which did not otherwise move. The warriors could not shield their yes from the ever-increasing glow.

“Remember this, you fools who fight for nothing. What you fight for today, you must defend tomorrow!” Honin’s voice booming loudly in their ears and echoing in their minds.

“I will only warn you of this one time. Learn to fight the just battles, for the right reasons. If you cannot set aside your foolish squabbles, I will set them aside for you. And I promise you this,” Honin paused, the air alive with energy, electricity now arcing between every living thing for miles around, “If you choose the way of death, I will be the angel whose wings it is borne upon.”

Honin’s words became deafening to their ears, the world to them a cacophony of endlessly reverberating sound, electricity, and pain. And just as quickly as he had appeared, Honin was gone in a nearly blinding flash of light.

Minutes passed as the men and women who had been locked in mortal combat regained their senses and tried to understand what had just happened. On the backs of each of their hands was a scar, bright red and blistering, taking the form of 6 English letters.

“What does it say?” one of them asked.

“It says…Tuebor,” said another. They murmured to each other, questioning what it meant.

“It’s from a long forgotten language,” one of the older women spoke up, shouldering her weapon and beginning to walk away from the battlefield.

“It means I will defend.

Name: Honin
Faction: Psionic
Age: unknown 50's
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Ancestory: -
Build: -

You damage enemies immediately next to you with a blast of psionic energy.


You hurl bolts of psionic energy from afar dealing damage to your enemies.

unbeatable Unbeatable

Harnessing your psionic ability you tether yourself to an enemy with an energy beam, causing them damage as long as they are in range.

begonepeasant Begone Peasant!

Using telekinesis, you push an enemy away from yourself.

flameon Everybody Suffers

With you electrokinesis you launch a ball of crackling energy that tethers to all enemies in its range, dealing damage while restoring health armor and shields to you.

powerunending Power Unending

Summoning all your psionic energies you lift nearby enemies while also levitating yourself, damaging them greatly then tossing them away like ragdolls.


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