Primary Role

Deacon Dave is a tough healing specialist. His battlesuit allows him to wade into the thick of the fight and keep his allies safe and alive under his protection.


A true advocate of the sanctity of the Human Spirit and compassion for all, Deacon Dave is one of few remaining altruists and arbitrators in the upper echelon of The Pure. Ultimately drawn into conflict to protect those who cannot protect themselves, he acts in an effort to end conflict and prays diplomacy and reason will prevail.‚Äč


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Name: Deacon Dave
Faction: Pure
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Ancestory: -
Build: Stocky

Stats & Abilities

Personal Shield Generator (PSG): 2000
Personal Shield Generator (PSG) Regen: 15/sec
Armor: 4000
Natural Armor: 1000
Health: 5000
Health Regen: 0/sec
Energy: 1000
Energy Regen: 18/sec
Psionic: 0
Psionic Regen: 0/sec

Innate Psionic Resist: 5% (from passive)
Energy Resist: 0
Movement: 500
Toughness: 650
Chance to be Missed: 5%
Accuracy: 5%
Haste: 0
Cool Down Reduction: 0
Melee Skill Shot Crit: 5%
Ranged Skill Shot Crit: 5%
Radiance of the Pure

Deacon Dave's gauntlets pulsate out shield energy to friends.

Friendly units within 30 m of Deacon Dave receive 5 % Innate Psionic Resistance and +5 Shield Regen.
Melee Skill Shot 1

The Deacon teaches the physical lessons, the hard way.

  • model max Range
  • anim Attack Speed
  • global Recovery
  • 125 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 325 Physical
Melee Skill Shot 2

The Deacon pushes his enemies away.

  • model max Range
  • anim Attack Speed
  • global Recovery
  • 50 Damage Variance
Damage Sources:
  • 325 Physical
defend_the_weak Defend the Weak

The Deacon triggers his PSG to extend a shield around his target protecting them from harm.

  • target Target
  • 15m Range
  • Instant Cast Time
  • 2 seconds Cooldown
  • 125 Energy Cost
goquietly Go Quietly

The Deacon disrupts his targets shields, making them more vulnerable to justice!

  • AOE (5 meter diameter) Target
  • 20 m Range
  • anim Cast Time
  • 20 seconds Cooldown
  • 235 Energy Cost
unjustanger Unjust Anger

Deacon Dave will rebuke both friend and enemy alike even in the heat of battle to try and find a peaceful solution.

  • AOE Target
  • 20m Range
  • anim Cast Time
  • 6 seconds Cooldown
  • 150 Energy Cost
sacrificialconsequences Sacrificial Consequences

Deacon Dave protects his allies in a majestic PSG bubble of pure energy.

  • All friendly, non NPC Target
  • entire map Range
  • anim Cast Time
  • 90 seconds Cooldown
  • 650 energy Cost


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