Primary Role

Brillis is a multi-talented assault fighter with great mobility. His high mobility allows him to get in and out of fights quickly and efficiently take out his targets.


As is the case with most assassins, Brillis’ past is largely unknown. What little is known about him comes from scattered files from his youth. Central-Comm records indicate he was born in Saint. Drayton’s Hospital of Mercy in New Detroit (7105 common era), however, his birth parent’s information has been mysteriously redacted.

During his juvenile and teenage years Brillis’ name appears in several youth detention facilities. The only spot of happiness appears to have taken place in the year 7120 c.e., when he was just 15 years old, a vid-com archive captured him winning a street-dancing competition.

Having spent the bulk of his youth growing up amongst some of the cities toughest inhabitants, Brillis learned how to fight, and how to win, at any cost. Between the years 7120-7125 c.e. Brillis largely disappeared from city. His return was marked by a high profile assassination of a corrupt city council member in New Detroit.

With his new set of added arms, Brillis stood over the body of the slain council member and posed for the automated police hover-cams to capture him in various rock-star-esque poses. Since then he has gained notoriety as a top tier assassin who isn’t afraid of being in the limelight.

He has been known to have a loose moral code for the jobs he takes and has refused any “work” that would harm children.


Brillis grinned to himself as he read through the information received from Odynn; his contact over the crypto-wire, had proven useful, he was now looking directly at the elusive Dr. Orioelle Kresh.

Did she realize she wouldn’t see the sun tomorrow, he mused? No public bounty was on the biomech scientist’s head, however, she should have known she was a high priority target in the hyper competitive mutations industry. The client had contacted Brillis directly, needing someone who could produce efficient results. The client was motivated enough to have this contract completed with haste, Brillis tripled his fee and wasn’t turned away.

The assassin watched from the shadows as Dr. Kresh, a large and ungainly woman, ducked into one of the stalls along the market street. The ramshackle stall was owned by a man named Dash, a well-known forger in the area. Odynn had found Dr. Kresh through the duped credit chips she had been using to pay for things down on the surface. She had her vices like anyone: stims and painkillers were her favorite two ways to unwind from the pressures of life. She could have engineered them in her lab, but this was faster, and ultimately cheaper. The real risk for her came from the need to leave her security detail behind up in the city above, she knew the side effects of the drugs and wasn’t worried about that.

Once Brillis knew she was in the city on the surface, away from the security of the floating fortress, he had Odynn freeze all six of her duped chips. A soft target like Dr. Kresh would need another if she had any hope of surviving down here and Dash was the only reliable source for duped chips around.

Dash’s stall was in a far corner of the market; it was quiet and fairly isolated. Perfect for Brillis’ purposes.

He waited for Dr. Kresh to emerge from the metal patchwork structure. Several long minutes crept by, but she eventually left the confines of the makeshift building and into the wet street. Brillis stepped from the shadows, his lower arms crossed in front of his abdomen, his upper arms opened in front of him, spread wide in a gesture of friendship. “Good evening Doctor Kresh,” Brillis spoke clearly above the din of the market.

The women’s tubby body went comically rigid, her fat folds jiggled as her body froze. Look at the gears of panic turn in her panicked head, Brillis amused himself inwardly.

“Do I know you...” Dr. Kresh’s face paled as her voice trailed off, recognizing the man standing before her. Brillis was a known entity, even her line of work.

Brillis didn’t reply, instead leisurely unfolding his lower arms, and drew his trademark knives from their sheaths. Without a word the woman found her courage and bolted away, knowing her ultimate fate, yet unwilling to succumb to it. Brillis grinned again, he liked it when they played hard to get.

The woman’s movements were clumsy, Brillis chuckled aloud a few times as he followed. Her feet kept slipping over the wet gravel as she ran, making her look like one of those awkward NS-2 automatons, an early model robotic cleaning servant that was too top heavy to stand upright. She took twists and turns at random, it made no difference, Brillis maintained his control over the situation, constantly cutting her off, herding her farther and farther away from relative safety of the more crowded part of the city, away from the prying eyes of security scanners or police agents.

Dr. Kresh rounded a corner her unsure footing forcing her to skid to a clumsy stop, collapsed steel and brick a dozen feet high blocked her path. Brillis calmly stepped behind her, blocking her path out, two knives in the lower two hands, two guns in his upper two hands.

“We’re finaly alone, you almost lost me back there” Brillis chided as he took a step towards her. Dr. Kresh’s eyes darted around franticly, desperate for an escape, any way out.

It was a dead end, her dead end, and she knew it. The rotund woman fell to her feet and began to blubber, weeping, her eyes red and swollen, her arms wrapped around herself, hugging her body and it shook, mumbling about how unfair it all was.

Brillis crossed the threshold, confident of himself and sure of his next move, unfazed by the sight of the pathetic woman in front of him.

It’s time bring the game to an end, he thought.

“My deepest apologies Dr. Kresh,” he began, “you understand this is just business.”

Brillis approached the women, his grip tightening around the leather wrapped handles of his blades.

“It’ll be over quickly,” Brillis said, only a few feet away from the woman, her body abruptly stopped shaking as he stepped closer. She looked up at the him, their eyes met, hers framed by a plump mishmash of tear and mascara stained skin, his unflinching and dark.

Wretched thing, he thought, not really a worthy prey.

Brillis stepped within a foot of the woman, their gaze still locked, her body moved unexpected and quickly for her size. She withdrew a hidden sidearm from underneath her coat, opening fire, point blank at her would-be killer.

Brillis reacted without thinking, his body a well tooled machine designed to do two things, kill and survive. He leapt over the women in a single lunge, bringing his blades across her throat as he flipped above her, gracefully landing a few feet behind her, backs facing one another.

The woman’s body slumped forward onto the mud covered asphalt; her body quickly grew cold, it’s warmth pouring out under her, filling in the cracks in the street.

Brillis turned and crouched in front of the woman, a slight groan escaped his lips as he knelt, her first shot had found a home within his chest. The woman sputtered for air.

“Shhh,” he soothed as he walked towards her. “Death comes for us all.” His tone was both cruel and gentle. “You can’t fight it. You weren’t ever going to be able to win. I commend you however, on being the first person in a long time to catch me off guard.”

His words were of little comfort to the woman as she slipped away from life, her last breaths shallow and wet, her eyes wide with fear, their light quickly dimming.

Brillis turned her over, her heavy frame slumping awkwardly. Her coat pocket produced the data file that housed whatever secrets his employer so desperately sought, the last repository of the lifelong work of a now dead scientist.

The assassin stood over the woman’s corpse for a few moments more, lingering longer than he would have otherwise done.

“In your final moments you were more worthy than most,” Brillis spoke solemnly to the dead woman.

This job was beneath him, and Brillis knew it. As he moved on through the city, towards the prescribed drop-off point, he wondered if this were a trap as much for him as it had been for her. It wouldn’t matter much, he would be ready, he was always ready.

Name: Brillis
Faction: Mutate
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 7'
Weight: 325lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Ancestory: South African
Build: Muscular

Stabbing wildly, you eviscerate enemies hit with your knives.


Taking aim you unload both of your pistols at enemies from range.

Leap Leap

Gathering your strength, you leap high into the air.

spread_shot Stabs a lot

Springing forward you tuck and roll, up to two times. You deal damage to anyone you collide with.

stabs_alot Spread Shot

You jump into a breakdance of AOE destruction, wreaking havoc on all enemies around you.

the_getaway The Getaway

Flipping up and backwards, littering the ground beneath you with knives, dealing massive damage to enemies in your path.


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