Primary Role

Annalinia is a crowd control specialist. Her abilities allow her to take control of the battlefield and confuse, disorient, and dispense with her enemies.


Anna dabbled in Psionics early on in her life. She specialized in mind-control and perception altering psionics. On her 18th birthday she disappeared entirely, making her way down to the wasteland cities and mutate strongholds. She used her powers to apply herself into various assassin brotherhood's in order to learn their ways. She found that her psionics allowed her to control the minds of her enemies to lull them into believing things to be there that are not. She brings terror and nightmares into the waking mind.​​


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Name: Annalinia
Faction: Psionic
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Very Thin
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: White
Ancestory: Ethiopian
Build: Very Slender / Bony

You execute a series of kicks and quick strikes with your staff, pummeling enemies that are too close to you.


Channeling your psionic powers through your staff, a barrage of energy orbs fly at your enemies.

walking_nightmare Waking Nightmare

You send a skull made of psionic energy flying at your enemies, stunning the first one hit for a short time.

going_crazy Going Crazy

Sending out a skull burst of concentrated psionic energy, the first enemy hit will be overcome with fear causing them to run away for a short time.

i_am_not_here I am not here

Projecting a mass hallucination, you create multiple copies of yourself that will attack nearby enemies.

mass_insanity Mass Insanity

Psionically adjusting the mental states of enemies nearby, you cause great panic forcing them to run.


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